The Straits Times
Published on Oct 28, 2012

First high-rise litter-watch group starts patrols


Think twice before you toss rubbish out of your window. Such acts may be reported to the authorities before you know it by your neighbours who live just a few doors away.

To curb the growing problem of high-rise littering, volunteers comprising of residents and grassroots members living in the South West district have banded together to form a new high-rise "Litter-Watch Group".

From today, they will conduct regular patrols in the neighbourhood and report cases of high-rise littering to the Town Council or National Environment Agency (NEA). They will also make house visits to blocks affected by high-rise littering to advise residents against such behaviour by raising awareness about its consequences.

The initiative, which was launched on Sunday by NEA and South West Community Development Council, will complement the recent move by NEA to deploy surveillance cameras at 100 locations in the next three months from the end of August.