The Straits Times
Published on Oct 25, 2012

Chinese police offer cash for tips on self immolators


BEIJING (AFP) - Chinese police said on Thursday they were offering up to US$32,000 (S$39,057) as a reward for information on the "black hands" behind a string of self-immolations in a Tibetan-inhabited region.

Notices have been posted in Gannan prefecture in the north-west Gansu province offering the rewards after several Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest at China's rule of the region.

"Anyone who reports and informs the legal authorities on the people who plan, incite to carry out, control and lure people to commit self-immolation will be awarded 50,000 yuan," copies of a notice posted online said.

"Anyone who correctly informs on the black hands behind the four self-immolation incidents that have already happened will be awarded 200,000 yuan ($32,000)."