The Straits Times
Published on Oct 24, 2012

Nissan Motor to spend $460m on new Thai plant


TOKYO (REUTERS) - Nissan Motor plans to spend about 30 billion yen (S$460 million) on a new plant in Thailand in 2014 to diversify production in the wake of anti-Japanese demonstrations in China last month, the Nikkei business daily said on Wednesday.

Nissan, which is under pressure to chase Toyota Motor and Honda Motor in Southeast Asia, plans to put the plant onstream with an annual output of around 100,000 vehicles, including 1-tonne pickup trucks and passenger cars, the paper said.

Production capacity will later be expanded to an annual 200,000 vehicles, doubling Nissan's current production capacity in Thailand, it said.

Spokesman Chris Keeffe declined to comment on the report.