The Straits Times
Published on Oct 23, 2012

Chinese shrug off candidates' criticisms on China


BEIJING - As United States President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney slammed China - expectedly - during their final TV debate, most Chinese shrugged off their rhetoric as another circus show that comes around in every US presidential election.

"I treat it as entertainment news," one netizen wrote on the kaidi forum website, where only one of the 70-over comments slammed the US candidates for attacking China.

Both Mr Obama and Mr Romney criticised China for unfair trade practices and stealing American technology among other accusations, and promised tough action against the world's second largest economy if elected on Nov 6.

Tsinghua University analyst Chu Shulong said most Chinese are blase because they believe that US presidential candidates would talk tough on China during the election but soften their stance after taking office because of the potential adverse implications on the US.