The Straits Times
Published on Oct 23, 2012

Taylor Swift gladly bears tabloid glare for success


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) - On Taylor Swift's new album, Red, there's a song where the 22-year-old superstar sings about a fictional one: a famous singer who spends years under the glare of the spotlight, then ditches her uncomfortable fame for a life of solitude.

It sounds like Swift might be mapping out her eventual exit plan on The Lucky One, which depicts the troubling side of celebrity: tabloids, paparazzi, living life in a bubble.

It's certainly a scenario the multimillion-selling Swift can relate to: She's become a fixture in the gossip pages, especially with her penchant for famous boyfriends, including her latest, Conor Kennedy of the storied political clan. But if Lucky One has a plotline that Swift would eventually like to live out, for now, it's just a daydream: Swift has come to embrace her larger-than-life status - and all the headaches that come with it.

"There's a lot of trade-offs. There's the microscope that's always on you. The camera flashes, the fear that something you say will be taken the wrong way and you'll let your fans down. There's the fear that you'll be walking down the street and your skirt will blow up and you'll be in the news for three months," says Swift, sitting at her dining room table in her apartment in Nashville, dressed in a playful black shirt decorated with dogs and an appropriate red skirt.