The Straits Times
Published on Oct 21, 2012

Downhill mountain biking on the rise in Singapore


It is a sport which involves going downwards as fast as possible, but downhill mountain biking is on the rise in Singapore.

Since starting with only a handful of bikers in the late '90s, the sport attracted 96 participants in the first National Championships last year. Last July, the second edition at Tampines Bike Trail saw 120 take part.

The first Gangsa Hill - a popular venue for local downhill riders - race in 2009 attracted 28. Last year, in its third edition, that number went up to 62. Because of the sport's speed, unpredictability and excitement, Singapore Cycling Federation's (SCF) vice-president (mountain bike) Hafizi Senen is convinced that more and more cyclists will head downhill.

He said: "The sport is certainly growing. Perhaps Singaporeans lead quite mundane lives with their daily routines. So, this is an outlet to express themselves in a more energetic manner. Mountain biking as a whole, it's about going back to the trails, going back to nature."