The Straits Times
Published on Oct 20, 2012

Cover your tracks with mobile phone apps


Cover your tracks with mobile phone applications that function like fancy gadgets out of Mission: Impossible. These apps can send self-destruct text messages, create special screens that deter prying eyes and password protect your phone.

There are hundreds of such apps available these days such as iPhone app Wickr which allows users to send encrypted messages that can be programmed to be destroyed after a set period of time. There is also android app Cate (Call And Text Eraser) which lets you remove all traces of call and text activity quickly at the touch of a button.

But while there are apps to safeguard your data, there are also those which pose risks to your privacy such as ePhoneTracker.

If someone downloads it on your phone without your knowledge, it secretly monitors text and call activity and sends it to the downloader.