The Straits Times
Published on Oct 20, 2012

SundayLife! reviews Malay 'fine dining' cuisine at Mamanda


Mamanda, a Malay restaurant housed in a lovely yellow bungalow called Gedung Kuning next to the Malay Heritage Centre, has the potential to become a successful fine-dining establishment.

In spite of this, however, its concept is not one that will go down well with Singaporeans.

Mamanda serves only set meals mostly for one person, which goes against the traditional practice of communal dining among Asians. And should you insist on ordering a la carte, the servings are enough for just one person.

Also, while there are some good dishes, the cooking generally needs more oomph with a bolder use of spices. While sampling the fare, it left me wondering if the restaurant wants only to cater to Westerners.