The Straits Times
Published on Oct 17, 2012

Fireworks as Obama, Romney clash on jobs, energy


HEMPSTEAD, New York (AFP) - President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clashed fiercely on Tuesday in their second election debate, interrupting each other half-a-dozen times and accusing each other of dishonesty.

Both White House hopefuls were on their game, as they fought over job creation and energy policy, 11 days after their first debate, which was generally regarded as a lackluster affair.

Mr Romney, the Republican challenger, battled the debate moderator to insist on getting the last word on energy policy, after the Democratic incumbent butted into his answers to declare: "That's just not true, Governor Romney."

The pair then clashed on taxes, with Mr Obama accusing his rival of seeking to cut taxes solely on the rich, and Mr Romney insisting that his plans to cut taxes by 20 percent would mainly benefit the middle class.