The Straits Times
Published on Oct 15, 2012

Moon rocks, chunks of Mars auctioned in New York


NEW YORK (REUTERS) - Meteorites from Mars and the biggest piece of the Moon ever offered for sale went on the block on Sunday in New York in what organisers billed as history's largest meteorite auction, which brought in over US$1 million (S$1.22 million).

More than 125 meteorites were offered in the private sale, from gray pockmarked lumps of iron to highly polished slabs glittering with extraterrestrial gems. But many of the big-ticket items, estimated to sell for US$50,000 or more, did not find buyers.

The most expensive items on offer were 1.8 kg of Moon rock that were once embedded on the dark side of the Moon before an asteroid sent them hurling into space. They sold for US$330,000 after the auction's end. The rocks went for US$10,000 less than the low-end, pre-sale estimate, organisers said.

The most hotly contested lot was a slice of the Seymchan meteorite, pieces of which were found in Siberia in the 1960s. The 23-cm-tall slice, embedded with olivine crystals, went for US$43,750, about 12 times its estimated sale price.