The Straits Times
Published on Oct 15, 2012

Nestle to cut sugar and salt in breakfast cereals


SWITZERLAND (REUTERS) - Nestle SA and General Mills will cut sugar and salt in the children's breakfast cereals they jointly market outside North America, the latest attempt by major food companies to respond to health concerns.

The two have been in a joint venture since 1990 to sell Nestle-brand cereals such as Cheerios in more than 140 countries outside the United States (US) and Canada, markets which account for about half total global cereal sales of some US$25 billion (S$30.5 billion).

They say they will reformulate 20 cereal brands popular with children and teenagers by 2015, boosting wholegrains and calcium and aiming for average reductions of 24 per cent in sugar and 12 per cent in sodium.

The reformulation will affect about 5.3 billion portions of cereals sold each year.