The Straits Times
Published on Oct 15, 2012

There's always a first time for A-do


Local singer A-do is experiencing all kinds of firsts with his latest album.

His just-released ninth studio album, titled 9th Time Falling In Love, is the first under his new label Beijing YueHua Music Culture Communication, and he experiments with musical, and image styles like never before.

The singer, 39, tells Life! in Mandarin: "This album represents me joining a new company, and embarking on a new relationship with them, and it also means that every album I produce is like falling in love for the first time."

Expect to hear A-do's husky crooning in a slick R&B number titled Valentine's Day, a first for the singer, who is better known for his melancholic love ballads. He was previously under local label Ocean Butterflies Music.