The Straits Times
Published on Oct 12, 2012

And the winner of the 2012 vice-presidential debate is...


Mr Joe Biden’s glorious pearly-whites!

That was the considered view of some Americans at least, who had tuned in to the vice-presidential debate. The owner of the bedazzling set flashed them regularly during the 1.5 hour encounter with his Republican rival Paul Ryan, punctuating his remarks with wide smiles and toothy grins. At times, he threw his head back and laughed out loud.
Viewers could not help but notice and at one point  “Joe Biden’s teeth” was the trending topic on Twitter.
Here’s some bites from the mesmerised tweeters:

Josh Hara: “The real winner in this debate so far is Joe Biden's dentist.”

Robin Ruttle: “Paul Ryan is just a deer in the headlights of Biden’s teeth.”

Samantha Warnick: “Surprisingly Joe Biden’s teeth are registered as independents”

American media got in the act too. TIME’s Michael Scherer remarked: “Not sure debate cameras have been light tested for Biden’s teeth. Best to watch with sunglasses.”

The New York Times’ Ashley Parker: “Biden’s grin is Chesire [sic] Cat caliber.”

Comedy Central’s Indecision: “If this keeps up much longer, Joe Biden’s going to sprain his laugh muscles.”

The Republican party captured the dental flashes in a video on Youtube, titled ‘Laughing at the Issues’


Although some did remark, that if it came to it, Mr Mitt Romney would win the teeth war.  Back in 2008, when Mr Romney was in the race to win the Republican nomination, he was voted as having the best teeth of all the presidential wannabes in a field that included his current rival for the White House, Mr Barack Obama.