The Straits Times
Published on Oct 11, 2012

Bentley, Lamborghini may delay SUVs


BERLIN (REUTERS) - Bentley and Lamborghini's plans to develop ultra-luxury SUVs may be put on hold to save cash for parent Volkswagen (VW), in a sign that the crisis is beginning to bite even for the German auto giant.

Britain-based Bentley and the Italian supercar maker rolled out extravagant concept sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) at the auto shows in Geneva and Beijing this year, with production awaiting approval by VW's management board.

The push towards off-roaders is aimed at boosting profitability at Lamborghini, loss-making since 2009, and Bentley.

The move has dismayed Lamborghini purists who fear that expanding to four-by-fours will dilute the brand's exclusivity.