The Straits Times
Published on Oct 11, 2012

Forced evictions on the rise in China: Amnesty International


BEIJING (AFP) - Violent forced evictions are increasing in China as local governments seek to pay off debts by seizing land and selling usage rights to property developers, Amnesty International said in a report on Thursday.

The report, "Standing Their Ground", said growing numbers of Chinese have been forced from their homes in both rural and urban areas, with evictees sometimes beaten, imprisoned, or even killed at the hands of authorities.

"The pace of forced evictions has only accelerated over the past three years," said the report, which the human rights group said was based on media reports and interviews with rights activists, lawyers and academics.

It said the increase in evictions stemmed in part from a construction boom stoked by a government stimulus program implemented to ward off the effects of the 2008 financial crisis.