The Straits Times
Published on Oct 11, 2012

Amy Cheong 'could face charges' for online rant

Lawyers say posts have elements of offence involving incitement to hatred


The woman who posted an expletive-laden rant about Malay weddings on her Facebook page could well face charges of inciting hatred among people of different races, said lawyers. They said it is clear that Ms Amy Cheong's posts contain elements of an offence under the law.

However, most of them added that it is early days yet, as police investigations into the matter are just under way. There are also other considerations before an offence is established, such as whether a person had deliberately set out to cause enmity or ill will.

Lawyers said there are three possible outcomes to the case: No further action is taken against her; she is given a warning; or she is hauled to court. If it is the third outcome, Ms Cheong could be punished with a fine, a jail sentence of up to three years, or both, if found guilty.

The 37-year-old saw her online rant on Sunday go viral almost immediately. Among other things, she disparaged what she felt to be the low cost and overly lengthy nature of void-deck weddings. She also mocked the Malay community's divorce rate.