The Straits Times
Published on Oct 10, 2012

'Banned' film: Community standards important, says panel


Community standards come first, said one of the members of the panel that voted to give the rare Not Allowed For All Rating to the Singapore comedy Sex.Violence.FamilyValues on Monday, effectively banning it.

A film with such a rating is not allowed to be screened. One of the three short films in the compendium by first-time director Ken Kwek was judged to be offensive to Indians.

Ms Cheryl Ng, 49, the first vice-chairman of the Films Consultative Panel, pointed out that she and other members of the panel were aware of "artistic elements" such as satire. But community standards take precedence, she said.

"This film goes out to the community, how will the community react? Are they ready to accept this film as a laugh, or is it going to hurt them so much that it will raise conflict between the races?"