The Straits Times
Published on Oct 08, 2012

Keith Haring's Singapore connection in new show


For more than two decades, drawings by famous American pop artist Keith Haring sat in the drawers of the home of Singapore artist Cheong Mee Din.

The collection includes pieces that Haring collaborated on with Ms Cheong's son, Ian Castronovo, when Haring baby-sat the young Ian in the 1980s. The Castronovo family lived in New York City then and were friends with Haring.

These hidden drawings popped up as a topic of conversation between Ms Cheong and gallery owner John Erdos earlier this year and Ms Cheong was eventually persuaded to exhibit the rare works.

The show, X-roads, at John Erdos Art in Dempsey Road, also features paintings and sculptures by Mr Castronovo, 35, an artist based in Berlin.