The Straits Times
Published on Oct 07, 2012

Sri Lanka judge stabbed after alleging intimidation


COLOMBO (AFP) - Unidentified attackers stabbed and badly wounded a senior Sri Lankan judge on Sunday, police said, amid heightened tension between the government and the judiciary.

Four armed men assaulted Manjula Tilakaratne, a High Court judge and secretary of the independent Judicial Service Commission (JSC), in a suburb of Colombo. He was taken to hospital after being stabbed at least three times, and his mobile phone was stolen.

The attack came as the local Sunday Times newspaper said the government was locked in a "cold war" with judges over a recent announcement by the JSC that it was being subjected to "threats and intimidation".

Mr Tilakaratne issued a statement last month saying the JSC, which is responsible for the administration of Sri Lanka's justice system, was being targeted for criticism.