The Straits Times
Published on Oct 03, 2012

ABBA museum to open in Stockholm this spring


STOCKHOLM (AFP) - A museum dedicated to legendary Swedish disco group ABBA, which disbanded 30 years ago, will open in Stockholm this spring, former member Bjoern Ulvaeus announced on Wednesday.

The museum is the first one to be dedicated to the group and will feature objects, clothes and films. It will be housed inside the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

ABBA formed in 1970 and shot to fame after winning the Eurovision contest in 1974. The band, which has sold more than 378 million records to date, split up in 1982 and has never reunited.

Ulvaeus said all four members of the group have approved the museum exhibits but he had little hope of all four ABBA members reuniting for the inauguration. "If they all come I would be very happy, but they decide for themselves," he said.