The Straits Times
Published on Oct 02, 2012

Motherhood a stronger call for Jacelyn Tay


Actress Jacelyn Tay finds that motherhood is competing with her acting career.

The 37-year-old recently spent more time away from her 15-month-old son Zavier as she was busy filming her latest Channel 8 drama Game Plan, which premieres next Tuesday (Oct 9). She plays Moyan, the head of a syndicate of swindlers, who plots against her childhood friend Haoren (Christopher Lee), also a swindler.

Nowadays, Zavier will show that he misses her with his actions.

Tay tells Life! with a laugh: "Now that he's older, he knows what's going on and will try to seek my attention. After filming, I will head to sleep in his room during his bedtime, but he'll keep disturbing me and even hit my thighs."