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Published on Oct 02, 2012
Ex-CNB chief on trial

Ng Boon Gay's 'spanner influence' on deals: Cecilia Sue


Ng Boon Gay wielded "spanner influence" when it came to her business dealings, Ms Cecilia Sue admitted in court on Monday.

She agreed with Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tan Ken Hwee that Ng had the power to throw "a spanner in the works" when it came to her business deals, if she offended him.

The DPP had, during his re-examination of Ms Sue, also reminded her that she had told the court she would not offer sex to get an unfair advantage. He then asked her: "When it comes to the spanner influence... what might your answer be?"

She replied: "I wouldn't want to offend. I'd be frightened because there are potential threats that could be coming out, but that doesn't mean that I agree to the (sexual) act." Ms Sue had, at various times since she took the stand last Wednesday, testified that she feared the consequences of offending Ng as he was "well-connected".