The Straits Times
Published on Sep 29, 2012

Clinton unveils new aid for Syrian civilians


NEW YORK (AFP) - The United States (US) on Friday unveiled US$45 million (S$55 million) in new aid to Syria, and urged the global community to maintain its resolve as Syrian grassroots activists appealed to world leaders for help.

Hosting a meeting of the Friends of Syria group, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington was donating new funds to meet a growing humanitarian crisis in the bloody 18-month conflict which has claimed some 30,000 lives.

The announcement came as armed rebels unleashed an unprecedented barrage of mortar fire against troops in Aleppo after announcing a "decisive" battle for Syria's second city.

Mrs Clinton announced an extra US$30 million to help get supplies and medical services to "the people suffering under the relentless assaults" bringing the US commitment to humanitarian funding to over US$132 million.