The Straits Times
Published on Sep 26, 2012
Ex-CNB chief on trial

Claims of sexual favours for ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay


The corruption trial of Singapore's former anti-drug chief kicked off on Tuesday, with the prosecution claiming he obtained sexual favours from an IT executive despite knowing she wanted business from his agency. This, the prosecution said, presumes he had corrupt intent under graft laws.

But lawyers for Ng Boon Gay countered that he and Ms Cecilia Sue had been having an affair since 2009, two years before the first of four alleged trysts that he is facing graft charges for.

"(He) does not deny his personal failings in having strayed from his marriage and the fact he had a relationship with Ms Sue which started since 2009," said his lawyer Tan Chee Meng. "However, personal indiscretions aside, (he) is not corrupt."

Mr Tan questioned why Ng was being charged with corruption for only four of their trysts, when his client had an "intimate" relationship with her that lasted three years.