The Straits Times
Published on Sep 25, 2012

Busan film festival invites N. Korean director, actors


SEOUL (AFP) - Organisers of South Korea's Busan film festival said on Tuesday they have asked the director and cast of a North Korean romantic comedy to attend a screening of their movie, the first ever invitation made to the communist nation.

Director Kim Gwang Hun and the cast of Comrade Kim Goes Flying have been invited to Asia's top film festival to be held from Oct 4 to Oct 13, a festival spokesman told AFP.

The comedy, which was co-directed by Nicholas Bonner of Britain and Anja Daelemans of Belgium and filmed in Pyongyang, will be screened at the annual event in the southern port city which first began in 1996.

It tells the story of a perky female coal miner from the countryside who yearns to join a state circus trapeze troupe and a trapeze star who first mocks her ambition but eventually falls in love with her.