The Straits Times
Published on Sep 24, 2012

Romney seeks momentum in campaign swing


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Republican Mitt Romney hits the campaign trail hard this week to try to inject some fresh momentum into his flagging presidential bid as polls show his path to the White House narrowing.

The vote is six weeks from Tuesday and the former Massachusetts governor trails President Barack Obama both in national polls and, more importantly, in eight of the nine crucial swing states that will decide the election.

Efforts to claw back some ground on the incumbent since Mr Obama received a significant boost from the Democratic Party Convention at the beginning of the month have fallen into disarray due to a series of campaign missteps.

After rushing to judgement over Mr Obama's response to the anti-Islamic film that spawned protests in the Muslim world, Mr Romney was embarrassed by a secretly-recorded video in which he wrote off almost half the electorate as "victims" who were dependent on government handouts.