The Straits Times
Published on Sep 24, 2012

Floodlight 'sabotage' postpones Real Madrid match


MADRID (AFP) - Real Madrid's La Liga match at Rayo Vallecano was postponed on Sunday after vandals reportedly sabotaged the floodlights by cutting through electrical cables.

"Vandals have cut cables, we tried to solve the problem. We will leave it to the police to find out who is responsible," said Rayo's president Raul Martin Presa.

"This was a disgrace, sabotage, it was an attack on our stadium." It was later agreed by both clubs that the game would be played at 1945 local time (1.45am on Tuesday, Singapore time) on Monday.

"It is agreed by both parties that the match will kick-off at 19.45 on Monday," said Javier Thebes, the vice-president of the Spanish Professional Football League (LFP).