The Straits Times
Published on Sep 22, 2012

French police nip banned Islam demos in the bud


PARIS (AFP) - French police enforcing a ban on on protests over an anti-Islam film and cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad made 21 arrests in Paris on Saturday and thwarted plans for a march in a northern city.

Those arrested in the capital, who included several veiled women, were detained near the Place de la Concorde, where a week ago an unauthorised demo against the film led to 150 arrests.

Riot police were deployed in several areas of Paris on Saturday to enforce the ban on protests over the United States-produced film Innocence Of Muslims and the cartoons published in a French satirical magazine.

Squads were positioned near the city's Grand Mosque, on the Trocadero square that overlooks the Eiffel Tower, and on the Place de la Concorde.