The Straits Times
Published on Sep 21, 2012

Labour protest at Apple iPhone party in Paris


PARIS (REUTERS) - Hundreds of French iPhone fans lining up at Apple's flagship store in Paris to buy the new iPhone 5 got an earful on Friday from disgruntled employees and former retailers protesting against the group's policies.

Some 20 former staff members of independent Apple distributors which closed after struggling to compete with Apple's own stores marched in front of its flagship Paris store.

Joining them were three store employees striking to protest against Apple's refusal to offer perks such as meal vouchers and a yearly bonus of an extra one month's salary that are standard for many French workers.

"It's spoiling the party a little," said Apple enthusiast Francois Oge, 17, while adding: "It's very exciting... There are so many people, everybody is talking to everybody else. Everybody should experience this!"