The Straits Times
Published on Sep 18, 2012

US tourist death in Vietnam 'not poison': Report


HANOI (AFP) - An American tourist who died in mysterious circumstances in Vietnam alongside her Canadian travelling companion was not poisoned, state-run media reported on Tuesday.

American Karin Joy Bowerman, 27, and Canadian Cathy Huynh, 26, died last month at a hospital in southern Nha Trang province. An autopsy was carried out on Bowerman but the results were not made public.

However a Nha Trang city police leader told Tuoi Tre newspaper: "She died from breathing failure, circulatory collapse due to brain edema (swelling caused by fluid).

"No toxic traces have been found in her blood and gastric fluids." As no poison was detected in the samples taken, there are no grounds for a criminal investigation in the case, the policeman said, according to the newspaper, which published the report on its website on Tuesday.