The Straits Times
Published on Sep 15, 2012

Attacks on Christians an attack on Muslims: Lebanon mufti


BEIRUT (AFP) - The mufti, or spiritual leader, of Lebanon's Sunni Muslims told Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday that he would consider "any attack on a Christian as an attack on all Muslims."

Mohammed Rashid Kabbani, who met the pontiff at the presidential palace, added that he also considered "any attack on a church as equivalent to an attack on mosque, because our religion prohibits us from doing so."

Kabbani's remarks were included in a letter he handed to the Pope, as the pontiff also met leaders of the Shiite, Druze and Alawite communities.

He said the events rocking the Arab world "bring us Muslims and Christians a light that shows us the path to a better tomorrow, though they also bring many dangers that are a threat to us.