The Straits Times
Published on Sep 15, 2012

Indian media hails 'rush of reforms' unveiled by government


NEW DELHI (AFP) - Indian newspapers hailed on Saturday a "rush of reforms" unveiled by the government which has thrown open the retail and aviation sectors as well as tackled fuel subsidies in highly contentious moves.

The beleaguered administration of Prime Minster Manmohan Singh, widely criticised for its ponderous and timid decision-making, has opened the "reform floodgates" according to a headline in the Mail Today tabloid.

"From Paralysis to Rush of Reforms", read the front-page of The Times of India, the most widely circulated English-language daily, while editorials in The Hindu newspaper said the government was "going for broke".

On Friday, Mr Singh's cabinet announced a decision to allow foreign supermarket chains such as Walmart or Tesco to own up to 51 percent in Indian subsidiaries in a proposed change that was withdrawn last year due to fierce resistance.