The Straits Times
Published on Sep 14, 2012

Swedish police to parents: Pick up your drunk kids


STOCKHOLM (AP) - Teenagers drinking, brawling, vomiting and passing out. It's a weekend ritual in many parts of the world that often begs the question: Where are the parents? Police in the Swedish town of Vaxjo have put a new twist on that query with a hugely popular Facebook appeal to "parents with children in their teens." In a 12-point list, patrol supervisor Scott Goodwin explains what officers do to keep binge-drinking youth in check on Friday and Saturday nights.

"1. Locate and monitor what they are doing in town late at night," the list begins. "Pour out the alcohol we find in their possession" is No. 2.

Other duties include stopping fights, cleaning out vomit from police cars, helping injured teens get medical attention or just to "hug them if they are afraid." Then, he offers some advice for parents.

"If you help us with duty number 1 maybe we won't need to do anything regarding duties 2 to 12,"