The Straits Times
Published on Sep 13, 2012

Yemen protesters storm US embassy before being expelled


SANAA (AFP) - Yemeni protesters on Thursday stormed the American embassy complex before being driven out by police, an AFP reporter said, as angry Muslim protests grew over a film mocking Islam.

All protesters who breached the fence of the US mission in Sanaa have been ejected, the correspondent reported, as security forces used water cannon and fired warning shots.

Some protesters said they saw three vehicles being torched by some of the demonstrators who crossed the first gate where a security kiosk was empty. Thursday is the first day of the weekend in Yemen.

Police fired warning shots earlier to disperse thousands of protesters as they approached the main gate of the mission. "O, messenger of Allah... O, Mohammed!" demonstrators chanted. Protesters have retreated over 100m from the gate, with hundreds gathering near a checkpoint chanting anti-Jewish slogans.