The Straits Times
Published on Sep 13, 2012

New Singapore stadium to host top teams


SINGAPORE (AFP) - Singapore's state-of-the-art new stadium will host an annual football tournament featuring top European teams as one of its cornerstone events when it opens in 2014, organisers have revealed.

The 55,000-seat facility, centrepiece of a billion-dollar complex near the city centre, is also likely to hold international rugby and Twenty20 cricket, and is the confirmed venue for the 2015 South-east Asian Games, they said.

The dome-shaped National Stadium, with a retractable roof and seating cooled by ducted air, is currently under construction along with two indoor arenas, an aquatics centre and watersports facility, plus a large shopping mall.

Mr Andrew Georgiou, chief operating officer of commercial partner World Sport Group, admitted the roster of events was a "huge talking point" for the stadium, in a city with a patchy sporting calendar.