The Straits Times
Published on Sep 12, 2012

US envoy killed in attack had hailed Libya revolt


WASHINGTON (AFP) - United States (US) ambassador Chris Stevens had supported the Libyan revolt that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, but now has now been struck down in an attack by forces unleashed after the strongman's fall.

Mr Stevens was killed in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday by armed Islamists outraged over an amateur American-made Internet video mocking Islam, less than six months after being appointed to his post.

Mr Stevens had served as envoy to the Libyan rebels from the early weeks of the February 2011 revolt, during which Nato aircraft helped rebels overthrow the 40-year-old regime and eventually capture and kill Kadhafi.

"I was thrilled to watch the Libyan people stand up and demand their rights," Mr Stevens said in a video introduction released by the State Department shortly after he was appointed ambassador in May 2012.