The Straits Times
Published on Sep 09, 2012

Chinese man excretes stolen diamonds worth $16,000


COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan police on Saturday said they had recovered a stolen diamond worth US$13,600 (S$16,800) that was swallowed by a Chinese man at a gem exhibition after he was administered a dose of laxatives.

The 32-year-old man swallowed the 1.5-carat diamond when he was standing on Wednesday at a stall at Sri Lanka's annual gem and jewellery show in the capital Colombo.

"He passed the stone this afternoon... and the evidence is now with gem experts," a police spokesman said, adding a judge had visited the suspect in hospital on Thursday and remanded him in custody on theft charges.

The man swallowed the diamond valued at $13,600 while showing interest in buying gems from the exhibition stall. He was administered laxatives in hospital.