The Straits Times
Published on Sep 08, 2012

Taiwan's President Ma seeks trilateral Tiaoyutai Islands dialogue


(THE CHINA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - President Ma Ying-jeou called for the establishment of a three-way dialogue mechanism between Taiwan, mainland China and Japan in order to peacefully resolve the long-simmering sovereignty row over the Tiaoyutai Islands on Friday during his visit to a Taiwan-controlled islet near the disputed island chain.

Making an address as he visited Pengjia Islet, which is one of the northern-most Taiwan-controlled islets, Mr Ma said the trilateral dialogue mechanism could ultimately be realised by making use of the existing two-way communication platforms between each of the three parties involved.

After a consensus is reached with the currently operational mutual dialogue platforms between Taiwan-China, Taiwan-Japan, and China-Japan, the three sides could gradually move forward to a single meeting with all parties present, Ma added.

The president made the proposal on Friday as part of an action plan and follow-up in relation to his East China Sea Peace Initiative which was put forward last month to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the Tiaoyutais.