The Straits Times
Published on Sep 07, 2012

Philippines finds illegal rhino horns buried in sacks of cashew nuts


MANILA (AFP) - The Philippines seized a shipment of six rhinoceros horns on Friday, authorities said, adding to growing concerns over the country's ports being used for illegal wildlife trafficking.

Weighing 8.5kg, the items from Mozambique arrived at the Manila port on Aug 25 but were only inspected and discovered on Friday, buried inside 300 sacks of cashew nuts, customs bureau chief Ruffy Biazon said.

Wildlife officials and an anti-trafficking campaigner said it was only the second time that Philippine authorities have intercepted a rhino horn shipment, with both believing they were intended for either Vietnam or China.

"The seizure of these rhinoceros horns today should serve as a warning to ill-minded traders that the Philippines is no place for them to indulge in their illicit trade," Mr Biazon said in a statement.