The Straits Times
Published on Sep 06, 2012

EU launches anti-dumping probe against Chinese solar makers


BRUSSELS (AFP) - The European Commission on Thursday launched an anti-dumping probe against Chinese solar panel makers, in what is the biggest such complaint filed in the bloc in terms of import value.

The investigation was opened after industry association EU Pro Sun complained that Chinese solar panels and their key components have been entering the European market at prices below market value.

"In terms of import value affected, this is the most significant anti-dumping complaint the European Commission has received so far: in 2011, China exported solar panels and their key components worth around 21 billion euros (S$33 billion) to the EU," the commission said in a statement.

China is the world's biggest solar panel maker with about 65 per cent of global production. And about eight out of 10 of the Chinese panels go to the European Union. China's ministry of commerce issued a statement saying it "deeply regrets" that the commission went ahead with a probe "despite repeated calls by China to solve the trade dispute on photovoltaic products via consultations and cooperation."