The Straits Times
Published on Sep 06, 2012

J-rock band Weaver touched by Singapore fans


Japanese piano rock band, Weaver were taken by surprise when they arrived at Changi Airport for their first showcase here in March to screaming fans. This is something, apparently, fans in their home country would not have done for them.

"Our fans in Japan are of the more serious and mature sort," said bassist Shota Okuno, 24, in an interview with RazorTV in Tokyo, Japan. "They do appreciate our music but won't do anything extreme."

And it seems Singapore has left a lasting impression on the trio, comprising of Okuno, vocalist and pianist Yuji Sugimoto, 23 and drummer Toru Kawabe, 24. The boys are so appreciative of their fans here that they brushed up on not only their English, but Mandarin as well, to better interact with them.

"Before I visited Singapore, I wanted to spend time learning English (so as to communicate with fans)," said Kawabe. "But after our trip, I think speaking in Mandarin is much cooler. So now I take time out to study Chinese at least 10 minutes a day." Watch the full interview on RazorTV to check out what the band have to say to Singapore fans, in Mandarin!