The Straits Times
Published on Sep 04, 2012

Teen tried to use fake $10,000 note to buy iPhones


Probation and reformative training reports were called for a youth who used a fake $10,000 note to pay for three iPhones in May last year. Koh Siang Wei will be sentenced next month.

He and three others, all secondary school students then, had used the fake note to fool Mr Emerson Goh Shou En, 23, who advertised the phones online.

Koh, 18, pleaded guilty to cheating on Tuesday.

He, together with Lim Ming Cheng, Kenneth Chan Jing Xiang and Jeremy Lim Zheng Jie, deceived Mr Goh, a student, into believing the money was legal tender before buying the iPhones for $2,850.