The Straits Times
Published on Sep 04, 2012

British university launches legal fight over visa status


LONDON (AFP) - A London university on Monday announced it was launching legal action over the government's decision to revoke its right to sponsor visas, a move that threatens thousands of students with deportation.

London Metropolitan University had its Highly Trusted Status - which allowed it to sponsor visas for students from outside the European Union (EU) - stripped by the United Kingdom (UK) Border Agency on Wednesday after a six-month audit found "serious and systemic failings".

The university released a statement on Monday confirming it had instructed its lawyers "to commence urgent legal action... so that its students can return to study as a matter of urgency.

"Following the leak of the UK Border agency's decision eight days ago which 'announced' the revocation, the university has now had the opportunity to read the report," it added.