The Straits Times
Published on Aug 31, 2012

Girl, 10, charged with manslaughter in US


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A 10-year-old girl was charged on Thursday with manslaughter in the death of an infant - an extremely unusual charge for such a young defendant.

The girl, who is not being identified, is the youngest person to be charged with manslaughter in the far northern state of Maine in at least 25 years. Authorities said the infant, Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway, of central Maine, had been under a baby sitter's care but did not say whether the suspect was the sitter.

The girl is in the custody of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, said Mr Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Police declined to identify the girl, who is due in juvenile court in October. Her attorney didn't immediately return a call from The Associated Press.