The Straits Times
Published on Aug 20, 2012

Iwo Jima final transmission radio found: Japan report


TOKYO (AFP) - A military radio found in a bunker on Iwo Jima was likely that used by the Japanese army to send their final message before the island was overrun by United States (US) soldiers, a report said on Monday.

The transmitter was probably used by the Japanese commander on the island, Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, the Tokyo Shimbun said.

Kuribayashi was a leading character in the hit 2006 Clint Eastwood film Letters From Iwo Jima, played by Ken Watanabe, who portrayed him as a compassionate and sensible officer, unlike his high-handed comrades.

The two-metre wide transmitter was found in an underground bunker, with the remains of a Japanese soldier located nearby, a health ministry official said. The ministry is in charge of a programme to recover the remains of Japanese soldiers who died on the island.