The Straits Times
Published on Aug 03, 2012

Bollywood gets racy with provocative new movie Jism 2


MUMBAI (AP) - It stars a hardcore adult film actress and has a title that would appear to leave little to the imagination. But it's not a porn movie - Bollywood is certainly not ready for that.

Jism 2 - the word means "body" in Hindi language - will be released across India on Friday, promising to be one of the most graphic films in Bollywood history.

It shows no frontal nudity - government censors monitoring a film industry that long refused to show onscreen kissing would never clear that. But with its oil massages and fantastic lingerie, the film is pushing the ever-widening sexual boundaries enjoyed by many in urban India.

At the same time, growing sexual freedom has sparked a backlash by traditionalists who have torn down its risque poster, led a crackdown on bars in Mumbai and even advocated an informal curfew for women.