The Straits Times
Published on Nov 28, 2011

Sexy Spider

Whether it is stationary or on the move, the open-top Ferrari 458 Spider simply scintillates


The 458 Italia is arguably the best looking mid-engined model from Ferrari.

Its delicate uncluttered lines, flowing curves and slim pillars give it an aura of sophisticated athleticism that is truly incomparable. It is gorgeous from any angle and looks fast even standing still.

Creating a convertible version of something as beautiful as the 458 Italia is therefore a rather complicated affair. Midship supercars usually look fine when the convertible roof is folded away, but with the roof up, they seem to lose some of their fine lines.

One solution is to design a folding hard top that closely resembles the coupe's roof. But where can such a roof fold away to in a mid-engined sports car? It seems Ferrari has found the answer.