The Straits Times
Published on Jun 18, 2013

Bus drivers must look out for traffic despite right of way


SINCE the Mandatory Give Way To Buses scheme was introduced in 2010, motorists have slowed down and given way to buses exiting from bus stops at these areas.

On Sunday, I slowed down as I reached a Give Way To Buses yellow box in Corporation Road.

The SMRT bus had its hazard lights on when I was approaching the yellow box, signalling that it was still waiting at the bus stop.

Seeing this, I continued driving. But then, the bus suddenly switched from hazard lights to a right signal and instantly swerved out of the lane right into my path. I had to brake sharply despite my slower speed.

Even though buses have the right of way at Give Way To Buses yellow boxes, it is important for bus drivers to check that the path is clear before moving off.

This rule applies to all vehicles which have the right of way and is a part of defensive driving that safeguards the safety of all road users.

I hope that the Land Transport Authority and the bus operators can guide bus drivers to practise safer driving, regardless of whether they have the right of way.

Theresa Lim Siew Leng (Ms)