The Straits Times
Published on May 31, 2013

Enforcement officers responded to parking feedback: LTA


OUR enforcement officers responded to feedback from members of the public last Friday pertaining to illegal parking at St Michael's Road ("Illegal parking continues despite calls to LTA" by Mr Chek Cheuy Sing; Forum Online, Monday).

On arriving at the location, the officers observed that there were volunteers from the temple helping to manage the traffic and guide the crowds. Vehicles were also parked in an orderly manner and there was no major obstruction caused.

The Land Transport Authority is aware that places of worship tend to attract vast numbers of worshippers during special occasions. During this period, the demand for parking spaces may exceed the spaces available.

We aim to strike an appropriate balance between the parking needs of the worshippers and ensuring smooth traffic flow on the roads. However, we will not hesitate to take enforcement action if the illegally parked vehicle is assessed to be causing serious obstruction to other road users.

Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations and Public Education

Land Transport Authority