Looking forward to 2017: The sports desk's wishes

More eye-popping moments, please


It's very easy to satisfy us sports junkies. All we crave each year are moments of jaw-dropping athletic feats which redefine what the human body is able to achieve.

These moments have us breaking into spontaneous applause, watching them repeatedly on YouTube and gushing incessantly to bemused friends for most of the next year.

It could be a monstrous slam dunk by any of those talented NBA players. It could be a flawless gymnastics floor routine by those pint-sized yet big-hearted girls. It could be a 50-stroke rally between two tennis players that leaves both gasping for air. Or it could be a simple lob by a footballer - from beyond the centre line into goal.

Yet let's not casually over-hype them as the "greatest-ever" feat or the "most unbelievable" moment because these moments have to stand the test of time and context. Let's just enjoy them. And let's just have more of them.

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